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coming down fast.

 some nights we stay in, put in a documentary on the Manson family & i get out my knitting bowl.  Dr.  Mancini sits on the arm of the couch pretending not to be interested.  i have given up on this orange yarn being any kind of sock, so here it is as a wrist warmer:



 a prosaic choice, maybe, but it has been in my mind to knit for some time now.  it’s courtney’s pattern, you see, but i ended up taking liberties which is why it looks so elongated…  narrator says that after one of the murders the Family ate a watermelon; leaving the rinds in the kitchen sink hoping to fool the cops into thinking the culprits were black people.  i almost dropped a stitch when i heard that one.  there must be a word for something that is at once so wrong and yet so hilarious.   

she sees things at night.

but it goes on 3.