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pull this thread as I walk away.

tonight i looked up from my carrot juice and there on the top shelf: a balled up sweater vest, half finished; stashed away when the pattern around the neck stopped making sense.  i started the other side anyway and knitted the waistband but later noted too many imperfections than could be tolerated, so hand-wound it back up again and so it has sat at my feet: a ball of teal yarn - wool & alpaca - in a metal bowl; tormenting me through four seasons of Breaking Bad when at fidgety moments i chose spider solitaire over the needles.   


“Most people’s lives, what are they but trails of debris?  Each day more debris, more debris… Long, long trails of debris with nothing to clean it all up but, finally death.”

how i crave Tennessee Williams lately.  something about these rainy spring days…  so i went to buy Suddenly, Last Summer just to hear Katharine Hepburn say “debris”.  but forgot to pay with my gift card - alas - so to balance the budget and justify my frivolous spending i decided to forgo coffee for a week.  then i ended up at Starbucks somehow where the barista said “we’re all out of regular coffee, we only have awesome” or some such foolishness.  I didn’t know what she was talking about.     


my poor kitty used up a life, i believe.  he sat perched a storey above the front door on the railing as i stepped out on Monday and after closing the door behind me, a loud thump.  “i feared this day would come” said i to myself as I walked around the corner to look through the window dreading what carnage awaited my eyes.  somewhat dazed he appeared climbing back up the stairs, and feeling much relieved i was on my way. 

coming soon...