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I'm not shy to say there are days I wonder what led to this knitting. However, I'm a processor - a printmaker and ceramicist in previous incarnations - and knitting is process wrapped in the neat package that can be taken along or confined to the comfort of the couch. I stepped into design and pattern drafting after many aimless attempts at finding a way to earn some extra money while I transitioned to staying home with the girls full-time.

Many of my works feature unusual shaping and a lot of texture, but it's not ideal being the knitter of the family. For those interested in seeing what it really takes to knit a sweater, I worked one up in real time on Facebook live (#realtimesweaterproject). You can find the videos on facebook HERE. It was a weird endeavor, but I haven't had anyone ask me to knit them a sweater since posting the insanely boring series.

After spending about two years working on my book, Family-Friendly Knits, I took a little bit of a design hiatus. Despite appearances, I am back on track and have been working through my second book with Interweave Press, due to release in the fall of 2019.

In the many years since casting on my first stitch, I have had the honor of building a nice little portfolio of work with various yarn companies, magazines, and book publishers. If you’re interested in working with me on a project, please contact me via my contact page.

Be well.

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I'm fortunate to work with my hands, meticulously stitching out a life for myself.  In the few short years I've been in this complex and extraordinary role, I've made some lasting connections with like-minded people from all corners.  Below you will find a listing of past interviews.

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You can find my complete portfolio at Ravelry.com.

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