Tech Talk [Tutorials]

Knitting is a journey, isn’t it? Even though there are days when I want to waft aimlessly through seas of Garter stitch, other days I crave challenge. I want to knock the dust off the old thinker and do work that showcases my years of dedication to this craft. Usually, I show off my honed skills through the smallest details. These tutorials take you step-by-step through techniques I use in my patterns. My hope is that you’ll learn something knew to add to your skill set and produce knits you’re proud of.

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easy no-wrap short rows

These are the only short rows I’ve used for years, and you’ll find them in many of my patterns like the Owinja Pullover, the Bistort Pullover, and many of the patterns in my first book, Family-Friendly Knits. This photo tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process.


latvian braid worked flat

You can find these lovely braids worked flat on my Whitehorn Shawl. The internet is flooded with how-to’s for the Latvian Braid in rounds, but there is a distinct gap when it comes to working them flat. This tutorial will give you all the information you need to twist out perfect braids.


Crochet reinforced hem

With the re-release of the beloved Align Mitts, I’ve included a tutorial for a reinforced hem. This little detail will stop Stockinette Stitch from curling while adding a bit of visual interest that can be incorporated in many of your projects. I love the little details, and this one is tops.


Crochet Provisional Cast-on

This crochet provisional cast-on is perfect for any project that calls for a provisional cast-on without all of the fussy picking up of crochet chain stitches (as in the swatch pictured). The method allows you to crochet directly onto your working needle with waste yarn so that you’re set up and ready to start knitting.


knitted chain edge

Not a picot… not a lace… the knitted chain edge is something unique and all its own. The edge is used in my Wild Violets Shawl, but I think the written instructions can leave knitters wondering if they’re actually performing the actions correctly. This tutorial walks you through each step so that you will knit the chain edge perfectly.


No wrap short row heel

Working a heel is the next step of the Easy No-Wrap Short Row technique! This photo tutorial assumes you already know your No-Wrap Short Rows, so make sure you head there first. Looking for an easy pattern to practice this technique? The FREE Cabin Socks pattern is the one for you! Pattern is coming SOON!